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9. General

a) A push stroke is allowed but a player may play away from a touching ball of their own group and be deemed to have played a legal shot. Should the cue ball be touching a ball of their opponents group or black the player may play away without penalty providing that the cue ball strikes one of their group of balls

.b) When a player has the cue ball in hand they play from any position on or within the "D" and in any direction.

They may use the shaft of the cue to position the white ball when they have ball in hand.

c) The game is completed when the black is potted in any pocket and all the remaining balls have come to rest. (Except where rule 5g applies.)

d) Should any situation arise whereby a legal shot cannot be played, then the game shall be re-racked, whether the situation is arrived at by design or accident. If in the opinion of the referee neither player is allowing the game to progress and a stalemate situation has arisen then the game will be re-racked with the original breaker to break again and in the case of a doubles frame , to keep the same order of play.

e) Teams may make emergency registrations throughout the season. The captain must contact the results line before 8p.m on the night of the match. Then the player will be eligible to play immediately. The new player must put his name and signature on the bottom of the result card. It must be clear that they have not played in the Sheffield Northern Pool League or play in any other Monday night league in that particular season. Any breach of this rule, plus playing of unregistered players will be dealt with harshly, and may result in loss of game, match or expulsion from the league. It is the captains to ensure that all his players are registered.Signatures will be checked

.f) Captains please note should any of your players get through to the later stages of KO's then they must have played in or have been available to play in at least 50% of matches.

g) At the end of the match, captains must sign the result card in the designated position , this is in acceptance of the frames and final result of the match.

h) Should a dispute arise in a game that cannot be resolved between the referee and the two players, then the two captains may consult with the referee in order to reach an agreement, should this fail then the particular game shall cease and the following game will take place. A diagram of position of the balls including the cue ball on the table should be made. The dispute must be made to a committee member within 24 hours, and followed with a written report to the secretary within 7 days. In order to decide upon a complaint then both captains must attend the next committee meeting to forward their views. Failure to attend by one of the parties could result in the decision going against them.n.b for rule clarification, phone the Chairman (John Jewitt 07735 493 503), should he be unavailable then phone either Dale Johnson ( 07966 739 932 ) or Steve Smith ( 07889 168 106 ) , please be mindful that committee members are also players and referee frames too

i) In doubles, players may consult each other prior to the player striking the cue ball, after which they may only consult after the end of that particular visit. On the first game of doubles, if partners consult each other illegally the referee shall issue a warning. If a second warning is issued then that frame shall be forfeited. The first warning continues into the second frame of doubles. The referee must inform both captains that this warning is still in affect on the second game, and applies to both sides equally.

10. Guidance

a) The term shot means striking the cue ball once.

b) The term break means the first shot of each frame or frame being re-racked.

c) The term visit refers to one turn at the table comprising of one or a group of shots.

d) The referee should following a foul, inform the player in control on each shot that they are on during the first or second visit.

e) The referee may advise on the rules if requested

.f) Coaching is not allowed during matches.

11. Additional Rules

a) Any team failing to turn up for two league matches will be automatically expelled from the league for the remainder of the season

.b) Any team that win matches by default must inform the secretary when the result is phoned in.

c) The maximum time allowed between shots in doubles is 3 mins. Referees must inform players when there are 30 seconds left. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of game.League matches may not be rearranged and may only be cancelled for the following reasons. Power cuts, transport disputes or severe inclement weather causing travelling to be dangerous or impossible.

Re- Racks - If there is room for the white ball to get out then that shot must be played. Even if you have to use angles or massey shots. There are no exceptions to this rule.


.Team KO matches will be played on Monday nights unless otherwise stated.Team KO matches are a race to 4 frames.Team KO match cards are to be filled in with the same obligations as league matches, except in the Semi-Finals and Finals where a neutral venue and neutral referee will be supplied ,and both team captains will hand their singles line-up to the referee before the match begins, and their doubles line ups before the doubles commence should the match not be already finished.Singles KOs and Doubles KO's dates and fixtures will be announced at least 14 days in advance of the playing date for the early rounds.Singles KO's and Doubles KO matches may be played up to 14 days in advance of the published playing date with the consent of both/all 4 players involved, if a date cannot be agreed then the committee will set a date, any match not played by the specified date will result in defaulting players being eliminated.Singles KOs and Doubles KO matches unless re-arranged will be set for 8.30 (The tie will be forfeited at 8.45 if the opponent/s are not in attendance.) on the published date with the home parties supplying a referee if required except in Semi-Finals and Finals where a neutral venue and referee will be supplied.Results for Singles KO's and Doubles KO's must be phoned in to the results line on the published night of play only and result cards to be received by the following Saturday at the address printed on the result card.ANY FURTHER QUERIES REGARDING FIXTURES AND RULES SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO THE COMMITTEE. ANY DECISION ON COMPLAINTS OR RULES BY THE COMMITTEE ARE FINAL. THE COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADD TO OR CLARIFY RULES SHOULD THE OCCASION ARISE.


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