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1. The game shall be known as eight ball pool and referred to in these rules as the "Game". It is intended that players and teams should play the game in the true spirit of the game and in a sportsmanlike manner.It should be clearly understood that the referee is sole judge of what is fair and unfair play.The referee will take what action is necessary to ensure these rules are observed.

2. Requirement of the Game

The game is played on a rectangular table, with six pockets, a "Blacks spot" (situated at the centre of an imaginary cross from the 4 closest pockets to the rack) ,a head string, head spot and a "D".The game is played with sixteen balls , seven 2" red balls, seven 2" yellow balls, one 2" black ball("eight ball") which are all known as object balls and a 1 7/8" white ball ("cue ball").We only allow "solid" coloured balls, I.e. not striped, marbled glittered etc

.3. Object of the Game.

The player or team potting their colour group and then legally potting the black wins the game

4. Commencement of Game

a) The balls are racked with black on the "Blacks spot"

.b) The opening player plays at the triangle of object balls by striking the cue ball from any position within the D. the opening player must pocket a ball or cause at least two object balls to hit a cushion. Failure to do this will result in a foul break in which case the balls are re-racked and the opposing player breaks off with two shots.

c) If a player pots a ball from the break he must choose which group of balls he wishes to go for, therefore he must nominate his choice of colour. The referee must bring this point to the attention of all players involved.

d) On the first occasion a player pots an object ball except on the break and except following a foul then that ball denotes his group unless he pots both a red and yellow. Then he must nominate his choice before the game continues. The referee must bring this point to the attention of all players involved. Following a foul, after the first shot the player must nominate his choice of colour. Again the referee must inform the players involved. A foul stroke cannot be claimed or awarded if the referee fails to bring this matter to the players attention.

e) If no ball is potted from a legal break then the players continue until such time as a ball or balls are potted.

f) If a foul shot is committed (other than in rule 4g) on the first occasion one or more object balls are potted, then those balls are ignored in determining the groups to be played and the oncoming player plays at any ball on the table.

g) If a player pots the black ball from the break the game will be re-racked and re-started by the same player. No penalty will be incurred. This applies if other balls including the cue ball are potted as well

.h) If a ball or balls are legally potted this entitles the player to another shot and this continues until the player either; fails to pot one of his group or commits a foul

.i) Combination shots are allowed providing the player hits one of his own group of balls first.

5. Fouls

a) In off (cue ball potted)

b) Hitting opponents ball before one of your own group.

c) Failing to hit any ball with the cue ball.

d) Jump shot defined as when the cue ball jumps over any part of any ball or balls before making contact with any object ball.

e) If a player hits the black ball with the cue ball on the first impact before his own entire group have been potted except with a free table.

.f) Ball off table. (Any colour ball off the table is to be re-spotted on or as near to the head spot as possible without touching any other ball in a direct line between the head spot and the centre of the "D"). If the cue ball leaves the table, the ball is to be played from any position within the "D". A ball shall be deemed to be off the table if it comes to rest other than on the bed of the table.

g) Potting an opponents ball

h) If a players body part, hair or clothing touches a ball

i) Player not having at least one foot on the floor except in the case of wheelchair bound players.

j) Playing with any other ball other than the cue ball.

k) Playing out of turn.

l) Playing before ball or balls have come to rest.

m) Playing before ball or balls have been re-spotted.

n) Striking the cue ball with any other part than the tip. (this includes the ferrule where fitted).

o) Striking the cue ball more than once.

p) Failure to nominate as invited by the referee when rule 4c /d applies.

q) Failure to pot a ball or drive two object balls into the cushion from the break

.6. Player in Control

A player is deemed to be in control of the table as soon as they strike the white ball. Any ball or balls falling into a pocket prior to this are deemed to be potted by the previous player.

In the doubles , partners can discuss the game until the striking of the white on the first shot of the visit. 

7. Penalty Following a Foul

a) Following a foul the offender loses his visit to the table. And his opponent is allowed two consecutive visits

.b) On the first shot only on his first visit the oncoming player has a "free table" and may without nomination, play the cue ball onto any ball without penalty (including his opponents object balls or the black). If he pots any ball or balls directly or by combination he is deemed to have potted a legal ball and continues their first visit. However they may not pot the black ball, which would result in loss of game unless they are on the black ball. When they fail to pot a ball on the first shot of their first visit they then start their second visit.

c) When a player is snookered (unable to hit the centre of any one of their object balls) after a foul stroke, then the oncoming player may request for the cue ball to be placed anywhere in the "D" without penalty. The cue ball must be lifted from the table by the referee, moving the ball in this manner does not count as a shot or visit.

8. Loss of Game

a) If a player pots the black ball before they pot all their own group of balls, except as allowed under rule 4g losses the game.

b) A player going in off the black ball when the black ball is potted.

c) A player potting the black and any other ball on the same shot will be loss of game, except following a foul when only the black ball and ball or balls of their opponents group are on the table when they may pot the black ball as well as balls of their opponents group in any order. (This only applies to the first shot on the first visit following a foul.)

d) A player who clearly makes no attempt to play a legal ball will lose the game.

e) Concession, a player may concede the frame.(If a player unscrews his cue or puts it in his case during his frame he will be deemed to have conceded that frame and it shall be awarded to his opponent.)


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