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Captains Responsibility


LEAGUE RULES (Captains responsibilities)

Captain's Responsibility.

It is the duty of the winning captain to ensure that the result card is sent to the secretary to arrive no later than the Saturday of the same week or the winning side will not receive the points for that match.

It is the duty of the winning captain to ensure that the result is sent in to the Secretary -  07966 739 932 by 10 p.m. on the Tuesday evening following the game or 3 points will be deducted from the winning side.

It is also the captain's responsibility to know the rules and also appoint a competent referee who fully understands the rules off the game, which will reduce any possibility of dispute.

It is the home captains responsibility to have a scorecard and set of rules at the venue on the night of the game

All complaints must be made in writing and sent to the league secretary within seven days of the game to the address on the cards.

No player can play for more than one team per season and must not play in any other league on the same evening.

Each match will consist of five singles and two doubles and the home captain must write on the scorecard the order in which his side will play, and then submit the card to the away captain for him to do the same.

The order of break will be decided by the toss of a coin between the two captains at the beginning of the match, from then on breaks will be alternate throughout the match.

An opponent of the breaking player will referee the frames.

It is the duty of the home captain that order is kept during the game.

It is the duty of all captains to make sure that there is no barracking or coaching by players or supporters throughout the match.

Any breach of this rule may result in the match being awarded to the opponents.

It is also the duty of all captains to check all literature that is sent out by the league, and to ensure that any of his players who have entered KO competitions know who they are playing, when they are playing and where they are playing.

The start of each match is 8.30 p.m. on Monday evenings. After ten minutes if no player is present then one game can be claimed. After twenty minutes if no player is present then a second game can be claimed. If at 9 p.m. no player is present then the match will be forfeited. All players must be present by 9 p.m

.It is the duty of the Captain to ensure that the venue knows of his teams home games.


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