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News Report

2010-11 SINGLES

Author: Chas Mellor, 26/07/12

2010-11 SINGLES



10 Oct 10 04:23 PM

Author: Craig Nicholson



VENUE : WHARNCLIFFE (ref D. Johnson)



VENUE : PHOENIX (ref C.Nicholson )



Quarter Finals Draw

M.Holland (Phoenix) 0v3

P Waller (Civil Serv A)

D Hinson (Phoenix) 3v1

K Burton (Wharncliffe B)

C Nicholson (Spot On A) 1v3

Mick Wilde (Spot On A)

P Daley (Spot On B) 0v3

M Whittington (Phoenix)

4th Round Results

Civil Service Club

P Waller 2v1 R Hewitt (Golf Club)


M Whittington 2v1 M Wasteney (Angel)

M Holland 2v1 G Wilkins (Golf Club)

Sportsman A

I Bennett 0v2 Mick Wilde (Spot On A)

Spot On A

D Sargant 0v2 P Daley (Spot On B)

Spot On B

D Revill 1v2 C Nicholson (Spot On A)

Wharncliffe A

G Potter 0v2 K Burton (Wharncliffe B)

Wordsworth Tavern

Martin Wilde 1v2 D Hinson (Phoenix)

3rd round draw


M Wasteney 2v0 C Ward (Miners A)

Civil Service A

P Waller 2v0 J Nelson (Forty Foot A)

Concord Golf Club

K Iggo lost to C Nicholson (Spot On A)

Devonshire A

J Cross 0v2 M Holland (Phoenix)

Devonshire B

R Evans 0v2 G Wilkins (Golf Club)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge A

T Fowler 1v2 D Hinson (Phoenix)

Sportsman A

D Weldon 0v2 M Whittington (Phoenix)

I Bennett 2v0 M Hadley (Miners A)

Spot On A

D Sargant beat R Harris (Malin Bridge)

Spot On B

D Revill 2v0 J Jewitt (Civil A)

P Daley 2v0 S Smith (Wharncliffe B)

A Sanderson 1v2 Mick Wilde (Spot On A)

Wharncliffe A

G Potter 2v1 C Strout (Devonshire B)

C Boot lost to R Hewitt (Golf Club)

Wharncliffe B

K Burton 2v1 M Keye (Phoenix)

Wordsworth Tavern

Martin Wilde 2v1 T Hunt(Devonshire A)

2nd Round results.

Civil Service A

P Waller 2v0 A Oakland ( Angel)

J Jewitt 2v0 G Swift (Spot On B)

Coach & Horses

C Simmons 1v2 T Hunt (Devonshire A )

Concord Golf Club

R Hewitt 2v1 L Thompson (Civil A)

K Iggo bt A Malkin (Wordsworth)

Devonshire B

C Strout 2v1 C Dixon (Miners A)

T Parkin 0v2 D Hinson (Phoenix)

R Evans 2v0 C Abbott (Spot On A)

Forty Foot

J Nelson bt D Cooper (Spot On B)

Malin Bridge

M Sides 0v2 Mick Wilde ( Spot On A)

R Harris 2v0 K Hague (Wharncliffe A)

Miners A

C Ward 2v1 C Evans (Devonshire B)

Spot On B

J Fox 1v2 J Cross (Devonshire A)

P Daley bt P Webster (Pheasant WBB)

A Sanderson 2v0 C Wallace (Angel)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge A

T Fowler 2v1 J Willies (Coach & Horses)

K Shore 0v2 M Wasteney (Angel)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge B

D Neil 0v2 M Whittington (Phoenix)


M Holland 2v0 D Homer (Wharncliffe A)

T Cook 1v2 C Nicholson (Spot On A)

Sportsman A

I Bennett2 v0 J Ashmore (Forty Foot)

D Weldon 2 v L Willies (Coach & Horses)

Sportsman B

T Raynes lost to D Revill (Spot On B)

A Raynes lost to K Burton (Wharncliffe B)

Spot On A

N Stewart 1v2 M Hadley (Miners A)

D Sargant 2v0 D Powell (Sportsman A)

Wharncliffe A

C Boot bt J Moorhouse (Sportsman B)

S Boot 0v2 G Wilkins (Golf Club)

G Potter 2v1 D Partoon (Sportsman B)

Wharncliffe B

S Smith 2v0 R Goddard (Wharncliffe B)

D Johnson 0v2 M Keye (Phoenix )

Wordsworth Tav

Martin Wilde 2v1 M Jamnd (Sportsman A)

1st Round RESULTS

Civil Service A

J Jewitt 2v0 A Harrison (Forty Foot A)

Concord Golf Club

L Barlow 0v2 C Nicholson (Spot On)

Devonshire A

C Campbell 0v2 J Fox (Noahs Ark)

Devonshire B

C Evans 2v0 M Abramiuk (Civil A)

C Strout 2v0 R Willis (Miners A

Forty Foot A

J Ashmore 2v1 S Revill (Malin )

Malin Bridge

R Harris bt W Allcroft (Golf Club)

Miners Arms A

C Dixon bt L Brown (Pheasant WB B)

Pheasant Wadsley Bridge B

D Neil bt D Holmes (Phoenix A)

Phoenix (Greengate Lane)

T Cook bt G Weatherill (Phoenix A)

M Whittington 2v1 R Shaw (Dev B)

M Holland 2v0 S Moremont (Miners A)

Phoenix Club A

P Flewett lost to M Jamnd (Sportsman A)

Sportsman B

D Partoon 2v1 J Walker (Sportsman A)

Spot On

C Abbott 2v1 J Ryalls (Malin)

D Sargant 2v0 M Wilks (Miners B)

M Wilde 2v0 A Dickens (Sportsman B)

Wharncliffe A

G Potter bt S Shepherd (Phoenix A)

D Inkles 1v2 A Sanderson (Noahs Ark)

M Boot 2v0 N Wilkins (Golf Club)

Wharncliffe B

A Collins 0v2 L Thompson ( Civil A)

A Humphreys lost to K Hague (Wharncliff A)

S Smith 2v0 J Lawton (Dev A)


Martin Wilde 2v0 R Curtis (Dev B)

D Andrews 0v2 K Iggo ( Golf Club)


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